Ceitamatic automatism for swing doors for elevators: function and aesthetic.
Our Ceitamatic automatism was specifically designed to be mounted inside a 47 mm thick header.
It can also replace our “Z” door-closer in an already existing door.
It’s the ideal solution to automate our Eleanor aluminium doors in a way to guarantee all the opening and closing automatic functions by a mechanism hidden inside of the frame.
It can also be mounted both inside and outside on already installed doors
Invisible, noiseless, safe and versatile: these are our automatism’s characteristics.
The adjustment possiblities make the Ceitamatic particularly suitable in presence of people with immobility impairments.
Ceitamatic has the facility to let the door be automatically opened by an initial manual push.
It is safe thanks to the safety anti-crushing device while opening and closing and the possibility of manual operation in case of power failure.
Ceitamatic ensures the door closing thanks to the float voltage

Ceitamatic Brochure