Eleflex Car or Landing gates

The perfect solution for industrial applications, goods-lifts and Car lifts. Combining lightness and strength, Eleflex gates was ideated in order to respond to the always growing demand of the market to have automatic doors easy to be installed , reliable and with low cost maintenance. . Eleflex gate is made by elements in extruded aluminum reinforced interconnected; this solution, in addition to ensure high structural rigidity, in case of impact allows the replacement of the damaged element only, drastically reducing maintenance time and the related costs.

Eleflex gates are available in manual and automatic version , for landing, cabin with central or side openings up to 8 meters wide and 6 meters high.

Eleflex Car or Landing Gates Brochure
Car Internal Gate Manual
Internal Fixing to the Car
Car External Gate Manual
External Fixing to the Car
Automatic Car Gate with Panel swing Doors
Automatic Landing Gate
Fixing of Rails to the Shaft